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Be confident you are not at risk of liability by allowing Certificate Tracking by EZ CERT Management. We will keep track of your franchise compliance for you.

Certificate Tracking by EZ CERT Management

Your Franchise Disclosure Document requires that all of your franchisees have insurance coverage. When they don't have the coverage they need, it puts them at risk of litigation, and it puts you at risk too.

AT EZ CERT Management, we track and monitor insurance certificates of franchisees to ensure compliance with your brand’s FDD. Whether it’s coverages, limits, additional insured endorsements, or any other insurance requirement, our system will identify it and compile comprehensive reports to help you effectively track compliance. This means better, pro-active compliance at the hands of insurance experts to protect your franchise.

EZ CERT Management's Certificate Tracking Program is focused on bringing your growing number of franchisees into compliance with the insurance requirements specified in the FDD and franchise contract. EZ CERT has a team with a combined 50+ years insurance experience. We are trained to quickly and efficiently identify compliance issues based on your FDD and notify corporate of non-compliant locations.

Our service is NOT a policing network; however, our trained staff notifies corporate if and when a franchisee is out of compliance with the explicit insurance requirements of the FDD. 

EZ Cert Focuses On:

  • Reviewing current insurance requirements of the FDD to make sure that franchisees and franchisors are not exposed to excessive risk from various factors such as; EPLI, Workers Compensation Claims, and General Liability Exposures just to name a few.
  • Requesting certificates from individual franchisees.
  • Processing and organizing Certificates of Insurance.
  • Verifying that Certificates comply with insurance requirements and requesting revisions as needed.
  • Timely reporting of Franchisees that are out of compliance.
  • Providing back-of-the house support and insurance education to your staff and individual franchisees.

How We Work and What We Do For You:

We ask for our affiliate company, Program Insurance Group, to be listed as a preferred vendor of insurance in your system with a chance to provide a better insurance product and service to your franchisees that will comply with the FDD.

When executed properly, EZ CERT Management accomplishes the following:

  • Eliminates the burden, cost and time of tracking complex insurance requirements internally.
  • Gradually improves insurance compliance across your brand.
  • Allows your franchisees access to a competitive insurance option through our customized insurance programs built for them.

Call (512) 930-3239 today to schedule a meeting with one of EZ CERT Managements' trained Business Coordinators and to find out how we can assist your franchise with insurance compliance among the franchisees.

Franchise insurance certificate monitoring made easy.

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